Working with other organisations

Parents for Children is a small charity with proven expertise in finding permanent homes for children with special needs. As the voluntary sector in the UK continues to grow, both in terms of the number of organisations and the specialist knowledge within them, the opportunities for organisations to work together grows with it.

The Third Sector

At the Three Sector Summit held in London in June 2006, Ed Miliband, the UK's first Minister for the Third Sector, highlighted the new challenges faced today, which call for the skills of the voluntary, or third, sector. Mr Miliband describes his role in government as "determinedly to break down the barriers that exist to the third sector fulfilling its potential to contribute". The proposal for DfES to establish a Children and Young People's Third Sector Forum, with the aim of promoting the involvement of third sector agencies in the planning and delivery of children and young people's services, is an example of the potential for collaboration that Parents for Children could play a part in.

Ed Miliband believes that "the third sector has an essential role to play as a source of voice for users – an essential part of driving up the standards of service". In these changing times, when the voice of voluntary organisations is becoming louder, Parents for Children continues to explore the potential to collaborate with other organisations for the mutual benefit of the participants.

Collaborating with other organisations

Parents for Children is currently working on projects with other charities, voluntary adoption agencies and adoption support agencies. These include:

We are keen to explore new opportunities to work with other voluntary organisations, as well as public and private sector organisations. If your organisation would like to talk to us to discuss ideas for a collaborative project, please contact [email protected].