What we look for in a Parents for Children foster carer

There's no typical Parents for Children foster carer, and we welcome all enquiries, but there are some things in particular that we look for in a prospective carer.

Ideally you should have some previous relevant childcare experience

This could be as a teacher, a nurse, caring for your own children or in another area of childcare. If in doubt, please ask us.

You should have enough space in your home for a child, ideally their own room

Your home doesn't need to be huge and luxurious, but a child will need some space, ideally their own room. Some potential carers have suggested to us that their own children can share a room to leave a spare room for a foster child, but this can cause resentment from day one, which isn't ideal for the foster child or your family.

You should live in Greater London or in or close to Northamptonshire

At present, these are the only areas of the UK covered by our short-term fostering service. If you are interested in long-term foster care or adoption and live outside these areas, please do still contact us.

You should be willing and able to take children to school, appointments, meetings with birth parents etc

This doesn't mean that you have to have a car or be ready to be a permanent chauffeur to the child in your care. It just means that you have to be prepared to spend the time to make sure that the child in your care can get to school, doctor's appointments, or contact meetings with their birth parents.

You should be willing and able to meet with the Parents for Children foster care team and undertake ongoing training

We don't insist that you can't have a full-time job to be a foster carer, but we need to make sure that you'll have enough time for training courses and occasional meetings with us to plan for the child's future.

You can be single or have a partner

You may have your own children or none. You don't have to be married and have a family to be a good foster carer. We just ask that you have some practical experience of looking after children who can display challenging behaviour or who have complex care needs.

You must be over 21

There's no upper age limit to becoming a foster carer, but it is important that carers are fit and active enough to deal with the stress and physical demands of caring for demanding or disabled children.

We hope you're still keen to talk to us about becoming a Parents for Children foster carer. If so, you can register your interest online, email us at [email protected] or call 020 7520 2881/5 to talk to us about becoming a foster carer.