What we do

At Parents for Children, we know that the most vulnerable children need extra special care. Here is a picture of three little girls sitting on a toy horseWe offer a range of specialist services, which enables us to find the right family for each of the children we help. We provide on-going professional support, training and a respite care service to the families who care for our children. We never forget that, in most families, there are other family members who may also need our support and advice.

We believe that our child-centred matching process is the most effective method of finding the best family for a child with exceptional needs. Local authorities often work with us to find homes for children they have had difficulty in placing. The extensive experience of our specialist staff allows us to provide a number of additional services.

Our services include:


Parents for Children's child-centred matching process matches individually recruited families throughout the UK to specific children's needs. We offer specialist help and advice to families during and after the adoption process.


We have a growing number of experienced foster carers from diverse backgrounds who can provide short- or long-term care for children with special needs. Parents for Children's expert fostering team offers an excellent level of support to our foster carers, both short and long term.

Short breaks service

The additional challenges our families face in caring for children with special physical and emotional needs can prove exhausting. At Parents for Children, we believe that being able to arrange for children to have short breaks or holidays with experienced carers they can build a relationship with, benefits both the child and their family.

Expert services

Parents for Children's highly trained team of social workers, psychologists, psychotherapists and paediatricians are able to offer a wide range of expert services. These include assessments for local authorities using tools such as the Attachment Style Interview and story stem; a detailed training programme for new adoptive or foster families; and family support services including regular support groups.

Conferences and training

We run regular conferences and training courses for social workers, childcare professionals and adoptive and foster families. Our speakers are all experts in their field and many of our conferences qualify for Continuous Professional Development credits.

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