What our carers say about us

We don't expect you to take our word for the fact that the work we do is important.

Here's what one of our carers has to say

"Reading the case notes of our children's lives would make anyone shake their head and run for the hills. Here is a picture of a mother and daughter playing.Not Parents for Children, who embrace and celebrate each child's difference and find creative solutions for what they need. They believe with such passion that every child really does matter and despite the early trauma or disability they have experienced, so much can be overcome. There are no words to describe what this charity has done for us, but perhaps the great pleasure we take in simple things will help others understand:

Like teaching a child of 10 what a boiled egg is and how to eat it. And she, teaching us how it feels to be faint from hunger in the UK.

And asking a 7-year old to choose toys from a catalogue that Father Christmas might bring, and being told 'an ornament, because I daren't dream that I'll get toys because Christmas doesn't happen for the likes of me'. Three years later and it's OK to 'dare to dream' and the list of toys is terribly long!

Helping a 3-year old learn to sleep without being terrified that bad things will happen. Three years on and sleeping like a baby with no more bad dreams.

And showing a 13-year old she is not a parent who needs to care for all her siblings instead of going to school, and she too can have a childhood. Three years later, with college almost complete, a part-time job and lots of friends.

This is what Parents for Children can do. But they can only do it with your help. Please support this wonderful charity and make more dreams come true"

Dianne and family

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