Tips for fundraisers

An online fundraising page

It's quick and easy to set up your own personalised online fundraising page at JustGiving. You can add your own message and a photo and can email a link to everyone you know. If you're training for an event like the London Marathon or London Triathlon, you can record messages with your training progress on your personal page, so your friends can see how you're doing. It's easy for your friends to donate or pledge, using a credit or debit card, and Parents for Children receives their donations automatically, plus gift aid.

Sponsor forms

You can download a Parents for Children sponsor form for your fundraising event here.

Remember, when you are starting to ask people to sponsor you, try to start off with your 'best' sponsors. A bigger number at the top of your form can often set the trend and help you to raise more. You could even start the form off by sponsoring yourself!

It's a good idea to carry your form with you wherever you go – you never know when and where you'll bump into friend and neighbours.

Don't under-estimate your colleagues

We can provide you with Parents for Children posters to pin on company notice boards to let all your colleagues know what you're planning to do and that you're raising money for us. If you have a company newsletter, you could try to have a story included to publicise your fundraising event.

Company support

Many companies run programmes to match employees' sponsorship pound for pound. If you're not sure, why not ask your employer? Even if they haven't done this before, most employers are happy to add a donation to the fundraising efforts of their employees.

Business contacts

If you're in the type of employment where you have business contacts or clients you could ask for support, don't be shy!

Collecting your pledges

It's often easier to collect pledges a the time that people offer them. Most people will sponsor you for a whole event, not per mile, and will be happy to give you the money straight away. This can save you time after you've completed your marathon, walk or other sponsored event.

Set a target

If you tell potential sponsors that you're aiming to raise a specific amount, it can often motivate them to help you on your way.


Probably the most important tip! Smile, be happy and never feel guilty about asking people to sponsor you – after all, you're doing an extremely worthwhile task for Parents for Children, as we really need your help to continue our work.

Tell your story

Don't forget to let your sponsors know how you got on. They were interested enough in what you were planning to sponsor you, so they'll love to hear how it all went.

If you want to talk to us about your fundraising ideas, please contact [email protected], or call 020 7520 2880 to talk to our fundraising team.