Some key tasks of a foster carer

Some of the key tasks Parents for Children foster carers will carry out, in partnership with our fostering team, can be

  • Providing an opportunity for children who have experienced abuse, neglect, multiple moves and a breakdown of trust to experience family life
  • Assessing the capacity of older children with complex needs to cope with family life
  • Carrying out agreed behaviour modification programmes or plans for children with developmental, emotional or behaviour problems
  • Exploring the viability of returning children to their birth family. This can include direct work with the birth parents such as supervising their visits to the children
  • Helping children to understand what is being planned for them and preparing them for moving back home or on to a permanent family
  • Ensuring that children's routine health care needs are met (GP visits, dental check-ups, optician visits etc) and encouraging healthy eating and sleeping patterns
  • Getting involved in the selection of a permanent family for a child and helping in the process of placement and introductions
  • Offering ongoing support to a child throughout their period of foster care
  • Keeping accurate records which will be passed on to future carers