Short breaks and respite care

There are many occasions when we may need to arrange respite care for a child. It could be that a long-term carer has to attend a hospital appointment and can't take the child with them. Perhaps during the school holidays the child needs a respite carer to look after them two mornings each week. Or their long-term carer may just need a short break to rest and recuperate. After all, the exceptional physical and emotional needs of the children we specialise in helping can place a lot of strain on their long-term carers.

Here is a picture of a bonde girl with Downs syndrome in a pink dress. At Parents for Children, we also understand that many children in care can benefit from a short break or holiday with an experienced foster carer. They get to spend time in a different environment, but one which is safe, comfortable and loving. With our respite care and short breaks service we aim to give both child and carers a much-needed rest.

We also know that many people who would like to become full-time foster carers are initially a little anxious about caring for a child full-time. Some experienced carers can't be available to care for a child full-time, maybe due to work or family commitments, but they would still like to offer help to a vulnerable child. Becoming a Parents for Children respite carer is the ideal answer.

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