Our foster carers

Parents for Children offers a specialist fostering and short-breaks service to local authorities. Our carers are specially recruited and highly skilled. Our short-term fostering carers live in London, the immediate Home Counties and Northamptonshire. Carers offering permanent foster care places and respite carers can be based anywhere in the UK.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all of Parents for Children's foster carers, but it will give you a representative sample of the families we work with.

Profiles of some of our carers

Thermutis (Utie) & Ainsworth T - short term foster carers availableUtie & Ainsworth

Utie and Ainsworth are in their forties and both of Black Jamaican heritage. They moved to England when they were of a young age. They express their culture in various ways; for example they enjoy the food, music and language. They have learned to combine British and Jamaican traditions but they are also open to learn and experience other cultures. They are practicing Baptists and have a 6 year old adopted son who is of African/Caribbean heritage and of Muslim religion. They know that it is important for children not to lose their family's beliefs and are able to promote this. They have commitment to assess reunification.

The family are available to look after 2 children (3 if siblings) of either gender from 0 to 10 years of age (provided one is under the age of 3).

You can download a copy of Utie & Ainsworth's profile here

Sharon & Mohammed L - short term foster carers available

Sharon is of Black African Caribbean heritage and Mohammed is of Morroccan heritage. They have 4 birth children - 3 sons aged 20, 16 and 12 and a daughter aged 7. The oldest son lives independently. The family resides in a 5 bedroom house near Enfield, North London. Both Mohammed and Sharon drive and the family run 2 cars. The family are Muslim and purchase meat from a Halal butcher but do not currently attend organised religious activities.

The family are available to look after 1 child (2 siblings who could share a room) of either gender from 4 to 11 years of age.

You can download a copy of Sharon & Mohammed's profile here

Edom & Petros - short term foster carers available Edom, Petros & family

Edom and Petros are a warm and engaging couple who are of Eritrean origin. They live in North London and their home is close to local parks, public transport and all local amenities. They have two birth children who live at home Rim aged 13 and Danite aged 8.

As a family they provide security and stability where individual needs are respected and catered for. Children are given a sense of belonging from the earlies point of the placement. The family offer a nurturing environment where children are encouraged to reach their potential, even if the placement is for a short time.

Edom and Petros are child centred and are particularly skilled at moving children on to permanency. They are experienced in caring for children from different ethnic backgrounds and recently supported a child's move to permanency after two and half years in the placement.

Petros works full time as a Social Work Assistant and is currently studying towards his Social Work qualification. Edom is presently studying part time towards an NVQ qualification in fostering, although she remains the primary carer for the children.

The family are available to look after 2 children of either gender from 2 to 11 years of age.

You can download a copy of Edom & Petros' profile here

Margaret and Kevan W - permanent adoptive place available

Margaret and Kevan Margaret and Kevan are an energetic, kind and caring couple who are warm, open and relaxed in their approach to life. They have one adopted son, Ben, who will be 11 years old at the end of August. Ben has lived with the couple since he was six years old and presents as a secure and happy child who would like to share his life with another ‘sibling’.

Kevan and Margaret live in a small village close to Aylesbury. They live in a three-bedroomed, semi-detached house with a back garden in a quiet cul-de-sac. Aylesbury is close by and has many activities, clubs and leisure facilities. Margaret and Kevan are well known and liked in the local area. They are a welcoming, open and relaxed couple who are very family orientated. They have a caravan and often go on family camping trips around the countryside.

Margaret is 41 years old and she works part time in a garden centre. Kevan is 53 years old and works as a carpenter. They like cooking meals together as a family, outings, swimming and camping. Ben likes reading, football, his play station and anything ‘outdoors’. They are keen to adopt another child and provide them with the warmth and stability that Ben has received.

What they can offer

  • A permanent adoptive placement to a child of either sex aged between 2–8 years old
  • Experience of adopting a child who is very well established within their family
  • A very good extended family support network
  • A high level of commitment and motivation
  • A good insight into the specific needs of ‘looked after children’ who may be placed for adoption

Margaret & John H – Short-term foster/respite carers

Margaret and John John and Margaret are a white British couple who have fostered for over 20 years – originally for a Local Authority before coming to Parents for Children 11 years ago. During this time, they have accumulated a wide range of experience of fostering children from all age groups, including a mother and baby.

The family lives in a 5-bedroomed house, with 2 bathrooms, about 3 miles outside Gravesend. The house is comfortable, spacious and welcoming and close to local schools and shops. The whole family has shared fostering, including the couple’s two sons who are now adults and live independently.

Mr and Mrs H work as a team. They have a personal Christian faith and both accept and enjoy children of different backgrounds. They promote contact between foster children and their birth families and have particular skills in this area of work. They are also very skilled at preparing and supporting children as they move on to permanence.

What they can offer

  • Short-term placement for one or two children between 0-8 years of age of either gender
  • Extensive experience of fostering children from all age groups
  • A whole family approach to fostering
  • Skilled at preparing and supporting children as they move on to permanence

You can download a copy of Margaret and John's profile here

Eunice and John - short-term foster carers

Eunice and John are an Afro-Caribbean couple, with three birth children aged 17, 13 and 11. The family live in a large 5-bedroomed property situated in a thriving multicultural area of North London, with a wide range of amenities such as schools, GPs, hospitals and a variety of leisure facilities. They have a good support network. Eunice is a housewife and full time carer while John works full time as duty site manager.

Eunice and John are practising Roman Catholic but they have experience in caring for children from different ethnicity and religious background. They are a warm and engaging couple who are deeply interested in the welfare of children and proactive in supporting them in extra-curricular activities. Both of them drive and each has their own car.

What they can offer:

  • Availability for one child of either gender, age range 4-7
  • Many years of experience in working with looked after children
  • A good support network
  • Experience in working with a range of individuals from varying racial and cultural background
  • A child-centred approach and family orientated
  • Involved with special projects assisting children of primary school age

You can download a copy of Eunice and John's profile here

Judith – available for short or long-term placement

This is a picture of Judith. Judith is a very experienced single carer. She lives in a small Kent village with excellent nursery and school provision. Her 5-bedroomed Victorian house has a large child-friendly garden and is close to the beach. Judith spends many long weekends and holidays at her comfortable caravan near to Rye in Sussex.

Judith currently cares for an 10-year old girl who has been with her for five years. A young adult who has just left Judith’s care also lives with them. Judith is approved for the placement of three children, including the 10-year already in her long-term care.

What she can offer

  • Short or long-term placement for one or two children of primary school age
  • Extensive experience of caring for emotionally damaged and confused children
  • Traditional foster care values and giving children positive reinforcement within pre-set boundaries
  • Will work constructively with birth parents and local authorities for the long-term development of the children
  • A nursing qualification and a history of working in residential child care

You can download a copy of Judith's profile here

Rob and Zoë – permanent foster placement availability

This is a picture of Rob and Zoe. Rob and Zoë are a happy couple whose three children are grown up, and although they visit their parents very often, their end-of-terrace cottage, surrounded by fields on the edge of a Somerset village, feels a bit empty. They would like to use their skills and enthusiasm to have a positive effect on the lives of young people who have had disrupted early life experiences.

There are many clubs, activities and leisure facilities within walking distance or a short drive from their home, along with a range of schools and shops. Rob and Zoë also own a house in France and enjoy holidays there and learning the language.

Rob used to be a professional musician before he became a teacher of maths and Information and Computer Technology. He still enjoys playing his guitar and getting involved in music events locally and also loves getting to grips with new computer programmes. Rob has an ever-ready sense of humour and fun, and enjoys cooking and reading. He is looking forward to getting back into storytelling, cycling and more outdoor activities, as he spends too much time sitting down!

Zoë used to run dog training classes and her dogs took part in agility and obedience competitions. Now she occasionally attends shows with one or other of her three Cavalier King Charles spaniels, which she breeds. Zoë also has two friendly German Shepherd dogs, mother and daughter, and two ponies, which are currently on loan to a local riding school. Zoë enjoys cooking and gardening, and nearly always laughs at Rob's jokes.

What they can offer

  • Permanent foster placement for two or possibly three siblings of primary school age
  • 24 and 12 year's respectively of experience of working in special needs education with boys who display particularly challenging behaviour
  • Plenty of opportunity for cycling and outdoor activities, both at home in Somerset and on holiday in France
  • Ongoing support from their own three children
  • Rob is a trained teacher

You can download a copy of Rob and Zoë's profile here

Olivia and Mark K – respite carers

Olivia and MarkOlivia and Mark are a young energetic couple who have one son of their own, aged 1½ years. Most of their extended family have been providing foster care over a number of years and the couple have provided respite for some of the children placed in their extended family’s care.

Olivia and Mark live in Enfield, Middlesex, and have a 3-bedroomed semi-detached house with a rear garden. There are many clubs, activities and leisure facilities in the area and it is well serviced by the public transport system. Olivia is currently at home full time with her young son. She enjoys music, swimming and socialising with family and friends. She likes to go walking at the weekend and is very much family orientated. Mark is employed locally and works for a major blue chip company. He enjoys bike rides, craft model making and socialising.

What can they offer?

  • Respite care for one child aged between 4-10 years old
  • Extensive family experience of working with emotionally-damaged children

You can download a copy of Olivia and Mark's profile here

Liv – sessional support worker/respite carer with availability

Liv is a mature and very experienced support worker. She lives in Tideswell in Derbyshire and will travel to carers' homes to provide support. Liv is an active grandmother to seven children and most of her work and life has been looking after people, in one capacity or another, from babies to centenarians from many backgrounds, cultures and abilities.

Liv has worked for local authorities as a child-minder, foster carer and on housing support issues. She has also worked as a teaching assistant working with one child with behaviour problems and one with hearing impairment on a one to one basis. Liv has basic signing skills that she feels help communications and can be a useful tool when working with children. Liv has been involved with after school schemes, playgroups and did a spell with two very difficult small children on a residential basis.

Liv helps with Sunday school and a drama group, going into local schools to take part in assemblies. Liv regularly babysits for friends and family and thoroughly enjoys playing with children at different levels, from playing in the sandpit to working on the computer. She particularly enjoys reading to and listening to children and their stories. Liv can easily adjust to playing with any child at any level without losing sight of her responsibilities as an adult caring for children.

Liv is approved for a maximum of three children aged 0-16 as a fostering support worker, occasionally staying overnight in the child's home.

You can download a copy of Liv's profile here

To discuss the availability of any of our carers, please contact our adoption and fostering team on
[email protected] or call 020 7520 2881/5.