The Parents for Children Maternal Drug & Alcohol project

Children are affected in multiple ways by their mothers’ drug and alcohol usage and drug-driven lifestyles, particularly in pregnancy. As part of Parents for Children's major action research project, we will set up a multi-disciplinary system to identify the specific problems faced by these children and to identify their needs. These needs will be reviewed on and ongoing basis, with a comprehensive review carried out on an annual basis.

The project will recruit a number of prospective adopters and, if it appears to be in the best interests of the children referred, will recruit a small number of families who will agree to the placement of infants on a concurrent planning basis.

Parents for Children will run specially-tailored preparation groups for the responding families. We understand that the families we recruit must be very special people, who are sufficiently robust to be able to help these children to achieve their potential. In order to give each placement the maximum chance of success, families will have the benefit of training in foster care, and each family will be allocated a support worker who will also have had specialist training.

We invite local authorities to refer children to Parents for Children and benefit from this timely and important project.

The initial phase, post-referral includes:

  • Parents for Children's specialist team getting to know the child
  • Collecting background information
  • Personalised profile sheet, including photographs of the child, which is mailed to suitable families on the Parents for Children register
  • Publicising the child's needs in the national, regional and local press
  • Adding the child’s profile to the Parents for Children website
  • Responding to all enquiries
  • Selection of a suitable family
  • Facilitating introduction of the chosen family to the local authority

The second phase, after a suitable family has been found and selected, includes:

  • Comprehensive training and assessment of the family
  • Full support for the family during the first year of placement including:
> an ongoing training programme
> conferences and seminars
> support groups
> social worker contact
> 24-hour support line help
  • Monitoring the child's progress and changing needs from the date of referral by our team of experts
If you are interested in referring a child/children to participate in this project, or if you have any questions about the project, please contact Jacky Gordon, Development Manager at: [email protected] or on 020 7520 2881.