How we help you

This is a picture of a girl with Downs syndrome in a pink dress. Parents for Children is totally committed to working with you throughout the adoption process to offer comprehensive training, advice and support.

At Parents for Children, we specialise in finding homes for some of the most troubled and demanding children. We know that you need the very best training and support from our specialist team to help you to care for children with profound physical, emotional or learning disabilities.

Group preparation and training

Your preparation group is made up of other people who want to adopt. The group meetings will offer you all an opportunity to learn what's involved in adoption and to begin to prepare yourselves for the task.

During these group meetings you'll have the opportunity to meet some of our current adoptive parents and to hear first hand what the adoption process was like for them. You'll also learn:

  • the basic facts about adoption – the legal and practical issues involved
  • aspects of adoptive parenting that are different from parenting a birth child. We have a series of exercises designed to help you know how it feels to parent someone else's child and to understand how if feels for a child to have a new mother and father
  • how to help children settle and to build attachments
  • how to respond to children who have been abused
  • how to cope with challenging behaviour
  • how to cope with disability
  • aspects of contact with the child's birth family
  • how to deal with attachment disorder
  • all about the health and educational needs of adopted children

Conferences and seminars

As well as our regular training programme, we organise a series of conferences and seminars which give the opportunity to listen to the views of highly respected experts. Our adoptive parents and foster carers are always welcome to attend any of these conferences, usually at a specially discounted rate. These events are often very popular, so we do ask you to pre-book a place with us in advance.

Post adoption support

We continue our support during the entire time your child is living with you pre-adoption day; and it doesn't stop there.

There is no statutory obligation for an agency to continue to support parents, post adoption, but we believe it's important for adoptive families to feel supported, so we provide a full post-adoption support service for all of our adoptive families.

Many adoptive parents like us to continue to visit them for some considerable time after the adoption order, and we are happy to do so. We can discuss a support programme with you, or can provide help and advice as and when you find that you need it. Our 24-hour advice line is available to all of our adoptive parents.

As your child grows older, their needs and yours will probably change, and we will be there to support both of you. We'll also be there with help and advice when the time comes that your child wants to find out more about their birth family and maybe to meet them. This can be a difficult time for adoptive parents too, who can feel as if they are being rejected after many years of caring for their child. We can offer you counselling to help you to understand that your child's need to discover more about their past isn't a rejection of their relationship with you.

Other useful information

There are many specialist organisations with a wealth of information about caring for children with disabilities. You may want to take a look at some of the following websites:


If you have any questions about how Parents for Children can help you adopt a child with special needs, please email us at [email protected] or call 020 7520 2881 to talk to our adoption team.

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