Give as you earn

If you earn a salary, or if your pension is paid via PAYE, making a regular commitment to give to Parents for Children is simple.

How does it work?

With Give As You Earn – the UK's largest payroll giving scheme – you can give directly from your pre-tax salary, so money that would normally go to the taxman goes to Parents for Children instead.

You simply need to decide how much you want to give each month then your donation comes out of your pay packet before the taxman touches it.

What are the benefits?

This is a picture of a group of five children sitting on the grass. Parents for Children benefits

because regular donations allow us to make long-term plans.

You benefit

because your donation costs you less. This is because you don't pay tax on your donation. Give As You Earn gifts are taken from your pay before tax.

How do I give?

Give As You Earn is flexible – you can give as much or as little as you like and change how you give whenever you like.

To join Give As You Earn your employer needs to be running a scheme. You can find out if your employer offers Give As You Earn here. If your employer doesn't run a Give As You Earn scheme, you can ask them to contact the Charities Aid Foundation.

If your employer does have a Give As You earn scheme, you just have to let your payroll department know that you want to participate. You tell them you want to donate to Parents for Children and give them details of how much you want to give and they will sort out the rest.

How much will Parents for Children get?

If you're a basic rate taxpayer, a donation of £5 from you means that Parents for Children receives £6.41. If you're a higher rate taxpayer, a donation that costs you £5 means we receive £8.33.

The cost to you

What Parents for Children receives (if you're a basic rate taxpayer)

What Parents for Children receives (if you're a higher rate taxpayer)

£5 £6.41 £8.33
£10 £12.82 £16.67
£50 £64.31 £83.33

To make sure that Parents for Children receives the tax relief as well as your donation, all you need to do is write down the full amount w are to receive on your donation form.

So if you want to give £5 each month, you tell your payroll department that you'd like to make a donation of:

  • £6.41 – if you're a basic rate taxpayer
  • £8.33 – if you're a higher rate taxpayer

If have any questions about Give As You Earn, please contact [email protected], or call 020 7520 2880 to talk to our fundraising team.

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