Gift aid

Every penny you donate to Parents for Children makes a real difference to the work we can do for vulnerable children. Using gift aid means that you can make an even bigger difference, without any extra cost to you. Gift aid applies to one-off donations and regular gifts.This is the Gift Aid logo.

Gift aid allows charities to reclaim the basic rate tax you have already paid on the money you donate. It can increase the value of your gift by up to 28p on every pound. If you pay tax in the UK, gift aid is a simple way to increase the value of your donation to Parents for Children.

So, if you donate £10 in any tax year using gift aid, Parents for Children will receive £12.82.

If you're a higher rate tax payer, you can also claim back the difference between basic and higher rate tax. This means that for every pound you give away, you can get 18p back from the taxman.

Using gift aid is easy

If you're donating online, using our DONATE button, please tick the gift aid box to make your donation go further.

If you decide to send your donation to us by post to Parents for Children, 3 Angel Gate, 326 City Road, London EC1V 2PT, remember to tell us that it's a gift aid donation.

If have any questions about gift aid, please contact [email protected], or call 020 7520 2880 to talk to our fundraising team.