Our four-day training course

Some of the topics covered in the four-day initial training programme for new Parents for Children foster carers are:

  • Reasons children come into the care system
  • The role of the foster carer in building a child's self-esteem
  • Attachment patterns and their effect on a child's development
  • The importance of the past to a child's future
  • Children's identity issues
  • Children's development issues
  • A basic understanding of behavioural problems
  • How to manage challenging behaviour
  • Safe caring and developing a safe care policy
  • Child protection
  • The importance of contact with birth families
  • A basic understanding of the Children Act, as it applies to foster care
  • Working as a team with Parents for Children and the child's local authority
There are useful documents on some of the above subjects from previous Parents for Children conferences available for download here.