Expert services

Parents for Children's team of specialist advisers includes psychologists, psychotherapists and paediatricians. We can offer a range of expert services, either as part of assessments of carers, potential carers or children, or as stand-alone services.

Our Medical Adviser is responsible for advising the Panel on the suitability of prospective adopters and prospective foster carers, on health grounds, and for monitoring the state of health of approved foster carers. She liaises, as appropriate, with Medical Advisers of placing Local Authorities to clarify health issues relating to children referred to Parents for Children.

She may liaise with Medical Advisers of receiving Local Authorities for clarification on the provision of health services that are thought to be needed at the time of a match. She is available for consultation and advice on health issues arising after a child is placed.

There is detailed information about some of the expert services available from Parents for Children available on this site. We also work closely with many experts in the field of adoption and foster care and information from some of these experts and organisations can be found below.

If you would like further information about these, or any of the expert services offered by Parents for Children, please contact us on [email protected] or call 020 7520 2880.

Parents for Children runs a series of conferences which address specific issues such as foetal alcohol syndrome or the use of the attachment style interview in assessing the resilience of prospective carers. Please see the homepage for upcoming conferences. A full list of conferences is available here.

There are useful documents from previous Parents for Children conferences available for download here.