Corporate teams at the London Triathlon

The benefits for your company

There are lots of good reasons for entering one or more company teams in an event such as the London Triathlon and raising money for charity.

  • It's a great way to encourage true team working
  • It's a fantastic way to promote sport and fitness amongst your staff
  • It provides superb networking opportunities for senior management
  • It's an opportunity to demonstrate good corporate citizenship in action
  • It will enhance your company image with staff, suppliers and customers alike

Many companies understand that having their name associated with a charity strengthens people's perception of the company's community spirit, family values and social responsibility. A joint corporate/Parents for Children team at the London Triathlon is the perfect answer.


Here is a picture of the Parents for Children London Triathlon team celebrating after the event. The development of working teams is the route used by many businesses to ensure their ongoing and continued success. Effective and efficient teams can offer real benefits to an organisation, in terms of increased loyalty, morale and output.

Entering one or more company teams in an event like the London Triathlon is a great way of encouraging your staff to learn about the benefits of working in teams and will help them learn more about themselves and their colleagues while they have fun.

Such benefits include:

  • Building employee confidence and loyalty
  • Creating real ‘esprit de corps’
  • Integrate management and workforce at every level
  • Enhance relations, and promote healthy competition, between offices, departments or regional branches

Invest in your employees' morale, team spirit and business fitness and enter a team in the London Triathlon to raise money for Parents for Children.

Health and fitness

In the hectic business world it's often hard to find the time or motivation to get fit, but we all know that health and fitness are important. Training with others is a lot easier than going it alone. Your company team can plan to train for the London Triathlon together.

Lots of working professionals have taken up triathlon – it's the UK's fastest growing sport and each year more and more people take part in the London Triathlon – the world's largest triathlon. 2006 – the 10th year of the event – saw around 8,400 people swimming, biking and running, as individuals or in the team event. For over half the participants it was their first triathlon, but many say that it certainly won't be their last!

So, why not encourage your employees to get fit, learn to work together as real teams, enhance your company's image and raise money for a great cause – all at the same time. It's simple, either complete our online form, email [email protected], or call Kaye Marie Olszak on 020 7520 2880 and enter the largest triathlon in the world!