A Parents for Children foster family

There's no such thing as a typical Parents for Children foster carer. After thinking long and hard about foster care, Bill and Mary contacted us to ask if we think they'd be suitable foster carers for a child with special needs. Reading about Bill and Mary may help to give you an idea about the sort of people who contact us, hoping to become foster carers.

Bill and Mary are 40 and 37 years old respectively. They live in a four-bedroomed house in a village on the outskirts of Northampton. They have two children – Sonia, who is 17 and training to be a nursery nurse and Freddie, who is 15 and is still at school. Bill and Mary both have secure family backgrounds and they spent their childhoods knowing they were loved and made to feel special by their parents. They have a large group of friends who live locally and who are there to offer them support whenever they need it.

Bill is a milkman, who spends a large part of the day at home, after he has done his morning milk round. Mary works at home as a dressmaker – she used to be a teacher of children with special needs, but she has recently given her teaching job up, in the hope of becoming a foster carer.

Here is a picture of two little girsl with their baby brother. Bill and Mary love children – they really enjoyed bringing up their two children and loved all of the child-centred activities the family did together. They are both looking forward to having another child in the house. Bill is keen on DIY and hopes that a foster child will be interested in doing some DIY jobs around the house with him. Mary is enjoys cooking and has always been interested in arts & crafts. She taught both Sonia and Freddie to cook. Mary particularly enjoys reading to children and helping them with their interests and hobbies.

Sonia and Freddie are really keen to have a new child in the family and say they will help their parents help all they can. Sonia hopes that some of her training as a nursery nurse will be useful. Freddie is a keen swimmer who says he'll be happy to help a child to learn to swim, if they want to, of course.

Mary and Bill's friends and family are keen to support them in their new and exciting venture and look forward to slowly getting to know the child placed in their care.

We don't expect you to be exactly the same as Mary and Bill, after all variety is the spice of life, but we hope their story has helped you to think about whether you have the right attributes to care for a child. If you'd like to talk to us about becoming a Parents for Children foster care, you can register your interest online, email us at [email protected] or call 020 7520 2881/5.

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