A quick checklist

Parents for Children has helped find permanent families for over 250 children since we began in 1975. In our experience there's no such thing as a 'typical' adoptive parent. There are, however, a few practical things that we look for when we are searching for a new family for one of our children.

We'd appreciate it if you would take a little time to read through our quick checklist to see if they apply to you. Don't worry though – you don't have to say yes to every single statement. But if you find that you disagree with most of them, you might want to think things over again before calling us.

  • I enjoy being with children and can relate to them
  • I have physical space in my home for a child, ideally their own room
  • I am honest with myself and with others
  • I stick at things, even when the going gets tough
  • I am over 21
  • I have a sense of humour
  • I believe I am healthy enough to be able to care for a child (please note that being disabled does not rule you out as a foster carer)
  • My home is clean, comfortable and safe for a child to live in
  • I've got friends and/or family who are keen to support me
  • I live in the UK
  • I am committed to equal opportunities and to anti racism
  • I can be available for interviews and meetings with Parents for Children's foster care team, if possible during the day
  • I don't have any serious criminal convictions
  • I understand that my child will want to know that they are adopted and has a right to know about their birth family
  • Wanting to adopt a child isn't a spur of the minute decision
We hope you have said ‘yes' to most of the above and are keen to continue exploring how to work with Parents for Children to adopt a child.

If after reading the information on our website you're still a little bit apprehensive about taking the next step and contacting us, please remember that we're always happy to answer your questions. You can register your interest online, email us at [email protected] or call 020 7520 2881 and ask for advice about adoption.