James, 3 Years Old Needs a Family

This is a picture of James


James (not his real name) is 3 years old and his parents are African Caribbean; he is full of energy and has a great personality. He needs a very special family who have time, enthusiasm and a wealth of energy for him, now and in the future. He needs a family who will delight in providing him with a vast range of opportunities and positive life experiences, whilst working with some unknown certainty in relation to his future development.

James lived with his mother prior to coming into care aged 4 months old. James ‘s mother has a history of substance misuse and may have taken drugs during pregnancy. James has been diagnosed with being on the Autistic Spectrum and has very limited communication skills. James is supported by a number of professionals in relation to on-going development.

James has positive attachment and has spent most of his life with his Foster Carer. James has prospered from this level of emotional stability and will need time to get to know new people and routines in his life. James’s foster carer says he has made considerable progress since earlier this year.

James likes the carer to sing songs. He generally sleeps well through the night and is awake for 12 to 13 hours a day. Ideally, we are looking for an African Caribbean family, although consideration may be made in relation to families with dual heritage parents.

Financial support and other support needs will be explored further with any potential family.

If you would like to know more about James please contact Jane on 020 7520 2881.

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