Christina, nearly 2, needs a family

This is a picture of Christina.Christina is nearly 2 years old She is a lively engaging little girl who has a big personality and a tremendous sense of fun. She needs a very special family who will enjoy providing her with a wide range of life enriching experiences and can accept a number of uncertainties in relation to her future health and development.

After spending her first few weeks in a Special Care Baby Unit, Christina lived with her mother before coming into care aged 4 months; sadly, Christina's mother died a few weeks later. Christina is an affectionate little girl and loves cuddles and adult attention. She has developed a strong bond with her foster carer but needs a great deal of reassurance.

Christina has a number of medical conditions. She was born with Dandy-Walker syndrome, although she is currently only mildly affected by this. It may account for significant delays in her Locomotor Skills – she is still not yet walking but has recently learnt to sit without support. Christina's mother and grandmother both had Marfanis syndrome. There is a 50:50 chance that Christina could be similarly affected. Christina's heart is placed abnormally and she only has one functioning lung. This means she can suffer from shortness of breath and is prone to chest infections, which could have serious long term consequences.

Christina enjoys musical toys and likes to listen to music as she falls asleep. She loves books and being read to. Christina has recently started nursery and is enjoying meeting other children. Financial support and a package of care will be explored with any potential family.

Would you like to know more about Christina? If the answer is yes or even maybe please contact Kathy on 020 7520 2881.


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